Monday, 9 July 2012

oh my momomama life :))) d[=.-.=]b

                                             assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all bloggerz :)

story ape today :)

hurm well nothin..just about my life..

my zero trouble life..oh2 lala2 :)

today i dont have any kuliah..
so planning to post sumthin :)

okay la..after about 6 month doing nothin

just PLKN and

aq da jadi seorang mahasiswa ..well just take diploma

like i told on the last2  post yg entah dibaca ke x :{
im an aero person :)

mahasiswa aero..huhu..ape seyh -..-

anyway my first life here was so2 trouble..

dont have many frenzzz..just like a duck in a chicken barn -..-

filling un easy and more.

just lonely


rse nak kembali ke matrik tangkak and time to ad member UIA

ajak untuk terima uia and take asasi engin kat sana UIA..but..i strenght my heart..

my dream is aero ..i love jet and plane..the machine and all
so i stayed!! haha:)

UIA*Xde aeronatik..xnak3 haha

well for the beginning..memang..rasa janggal..pelik pun ada..

its a first time i entered a place that have more boyz than gurl..

huhu..well that doesnt intenttion is to learn and achieved diploma with dean list :)

well on the second da berjaya biasekan diri..

berkenalan with all new frenz from all courses..

alhamdulillah after have frenz..i dont feel alone anymore

and alwayz happy and laugh..bwahahhaha -.-

then to aero courses..

aq dengard ceramah yg course aero are very hard and only the best can success

oh my bolaaaa

sure im get frighten because im not a gud and intelligent student..oh my omeleete

but aq lalui jeh..then aq mengenali subjek2 disini..oh yes..

very2 suuper dooper susah -..- but aq feel relieve becoz i hve many frenz here

yang sentiasa here..
we not just frenz but our relation more to brothers2..

aq sentiasa gembira and happy..masing2 ambil berat satu sama laen/\..
especially my aerorian frenz..:)

but most of my frenz are boy..

aq xkenal gugurl2 nie sngt..just know their name..

yg penah aq talk2 pun kwn kelaz and my muarian frenz..

slebihnyer just aq kwn membe2 laky..

well im a shy person ..mybe kat skola x cmtu..but

after kat rse diri aq berubah sdikit..

tp xpela..i go with it,,

follow thw rythm :)

seterusnya well dimana kita pergi..

love mesti ad,,

xsedikit sbnyk mesti dtg..
ad tu mmg ad..

but aq just let it be in my heart..

just be a stalker and frenz..

bukan stalker yg pelik2..

i means stalker from interner jeh..hahaaha

aq xlayak memiliki seorang wanita sebab ..

well yeah.. i admit..

aq seorang yang buruk :)

so mesti sah2 abaikan lah..

aq malu and taknak kecewa..hahaa
well aq harap dpt kenal sume dgn rkn2 kat utm nie..

hope the ukhwah that have been built will not crush into pieces..

now way..!!

must bond tightly until jannah!!


*culture shock kat sini 

ramai pakai BB and sume ad lappy and phon2 canggih
*ad yg bwk keta and moto
*well aq seorang yang  bukan kategori mampu ..
so agk trkejut sbb someone in my age can afford that..
aq apelah sngt.just have a samsung rm 60 :)
haha :) well xpelah.
rezeki allah itu luas :)
aq harap rezeki aq di syurga nanti.

amin :)
well even aq kat sini..

aq xkan lupa subjek2 agama and arab yg aq blaja..

hope cikgu2 aq x disappointed dgn pilihan aq nie

sbb for sure they all want me to enter UIA..

truskan arab syariah and quran sunnah..

well even aq kat sini..ilmu tu takkan luput..

just aq amalkan untuk bimbing diri aq :)

well mybe ad yg nampak aq mcm nackal boy.

biarlah :) aq bukan hipokrit and suke bajet baek dpan org..

aq hate people like that.

just be myself :)

whatz the point being otherz ryte?

thatz all my story for today..off2 fb..
azan tuh..solat zoohhoor :)
babai2 :)




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