Tuesday, 22 May 2012

engineer :)

Hello and mornin

semua sihat? its been a long time i dont post anything at here

uhuhu :)

well.dah bz kan :) keje and sediakan duet for smbunk studyy

well dalam masa sebulan keje..

aq terima bnyk pnglaman...

and make me more mature..

well penat2 mmg penat..

tp berbaloi..

now aq sdg siap2 to

set my sail ..


well alhamdulillah ..

aq dpt twrn UIA in asasi engineer
 and matrikulasi johor..

but just sdikit terkilan..

i dont get my faveret course

aeronatik engineering or aviation..

well at uia. they does not provide course for aeronatik

...well i love this course really much...

i want to go for matrik..

but my mom want me in UIA..

well..i dont know i can accept it or not..

furthermore uia is tough as i need to learn arabic and english as minor subject

erkk..reaaly sick..my arabic is really bad...

and for my english..go to hell...

*oh my english*

i dont know..either i go for my dream by enter matrik and get my faveret course(4 flaat la)

or just go for UIA and

try to accept other engineering course plus learn arabic and bi

oh no..my mindd~~ really3 serabut...

i dont know..till now i dont have the answer


its really a hard decision to be make..

well its about my future..about my life.. i just hope

i can choose the best

my dreamm..

i want to be an engineer that going to change the world 

and make a big history that will never been forget..

well hope i can choose the best..

thatz all..


1 comment:

  1. all the best dik...
    try to make a good decision...

    uia, mmg utamakan BI n arabic...
    insya-Allah... u can do the best... :)