Friday, 23 December 2011

I tried to stay calm but i think i cant :')

good  morning bloggerz :)
assalamualaikum :)

i never thought that it will be hard for me to face it :')

i had tried my best but i still afraid..
what is it?

my SPM :')

itz had be my nightmare and always chase me..
every day..every single moment..

i always think bout my rezult?

how if im failed?

what wil my mom said?

how about her feeling?

i dont want to make her cried because of my bad rezult :')

huhh..i dont know..i tried to do something else..

to forget i for a while but i cant..

my body afraid -_-

i dont know but trial is more easy than spm

i just get 5A in trial..if trial da mcm nie

how my spm..

well i just left that to ALLAH to decide it.

what i know..i had done the best and know..

i just pray everyday..

Ya allah.

pliz..give me..wthe good rezult..

i want to take engineering course ..

pliss fulffil my dreams :')

hati masih tak tenang..

selagi kertas keputusan masih belom dapat :)

aq nak buat mak aq tersenyum..

dan jnji aq..

bile aq melanjutkan study aq..

aq xkan biarkan sej hitam 2010 berulang lagi -__-


aq menyesal dgn ape telah aq buat.

aq hrp tu adalah yg trakhir .

aq xnak kecewakn mak aq.

ya allah..perkenan kan doa hambamu ini.

a rainbow..yeah i want my rezult like that. :) flying colurs.


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