Wednesday, 31 August 2011

subhanallah :)

assalamualaikum to all my blogger frenz..
itz been a while since i alwayz post about my feeling ryte?
but today? nopes..
i had new stories...

to share with u all
nothin much juz a remember for us to god..
muka buku is a placed
that had been widen used by all teenagers
to enjoy chating n blabbering with frenz
we can had picture in it..
n manymore..
but we must remember..
even in net world..
we must never neglect our religious..
must!! thing that seriously i dont like..
is about aurat..
sory if there is anyone who feel hurts about what i said..

itz is important for us to take care of it..
between boyz n gurlz
pliz..respect our religious..
how can the other religious respect n attract to our religous if
we easily neglect our religious?
is that a fun thing to show our aurat?
is that fun?
or u all juz thing

alaaa da tua nnty aq taubat laa,,
haihh..did u  ever thing..u will die before u had a chance to taubat?
did u redha to enter hell?
its a easiest thing that we can take care
but we neglect it..
did i wrong for saying that?
thiz is in our religious.
agama ALLAH S,W.T
why we take less reaction to it,,
pliz realise...
death will come in anytyme..
juz dont enjoy with the fun in the world..tell
tell is only for a moment..
but akhirat is eternity..forever?
if a small fired burn our hand..
we had scream like org giler..
how about the fire in the hell?
hope u all will open ur mind..n understand why i tell thiz :)
itz for the gud us..
be the best ummah..
stand up our islam
juz for



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