Saturday, 16 July 2011

beast n cinderella ..(new fairytail)

hello :) hye.. about my story..a story of mine..which had come to the end ..end of my love story i think...

juz a few hours later..itz happen quickly..well I try to accept it..well it really makes me feel trouble..

im depressed so much..but okay..i think positively :)..what the story??

hmm :)...

its about a ugly looking boy who inlove with a cinderella..he called the cinderella.."capital F "

yeh..thiz boy really love her..but the cinderella not love her....thi boy knew it..butz he never give up..becoz itz hard for him to find a gurl

like her.that make him to be "setia" ..welll.....the boy will be hard for him to conquer

the cinderella heart..but he tried..never give up.

but  .well..thiz morning..early2 mornink2..the boyz tried to accept the

fact that the cinderella will never be with him.....well the boy juz want to

say.."although you reject me 100 times..i will still try to catch and hold ur heart" ..well thiz still wait for

her cinderella..and his pray "ya allah jika sudah trmktub aq tiada jodoh dgnnya..ketemukanlah aq dgn dy di

akhirat khelak.." :') capital F..i love u..the end..

*sory if my bi is bad...practising it :)


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